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1967 Con su blanca palidez/I Cant Go On - Barclays Sonoplay SN - 20037

1967 Vento de Otono (Autumn Winds)/Cry - Barclays Sonoplay SN-20049

1967 Oh Lord, Why Lord (spanisch)/El Mar - Barclays Sonoplay SN-20124

1967 Oh Lord, Why Lord/El Mar - Barclays Sonoplay SN-20125

1967 Oh Lord Why Lord / Pepa - Barclays Sonoplay /Princess 645001/ Major Minor 578

1967 Pepa/Junto A Ti - Barclays Sonoplay SN-20210

1967 The Voice Of The Dying Man/Somewhere - Barclays Sonoplay SN-20079

"Los Pop Tops featuring Phil Trim on vocals - The Voice of the Dying Man. On Calla Records, this was flip side of Oh Lord, Why Lord. Both were reportedly written as tributes to Martin Luther King Jr. who was killed shortly before the two songs were written. This is why the raw power and emotion which shines in the vocals of Phil Trim. Enjoy! And never forget."

1968 That woman / The Man I Am Today Barclay SN-20166

1968 Esa mujer (That Woman)/Adagio Cardenal - Barclays Sonoplay/ Princess 645010

1969 Dzim-Dzim-Dzas / Young And Foolish - Barclays Sonoplay SN-20254

1970 Sonar, bailar y Cantar (Shes Coming Back) / Any Time - Barclays Sonoplay SN-20478

1970 Dios A Todos Hizi Libres(Road To Freedom)/Who Will Believe - Explosion 14.961-A

1970 Dios A Todos Hizi Libres/Movimento de Amor - Explosion 10.679-A

1971 Mamy Blue/Road To Freedom - Bellaphon Finger BF 18049

1971 Mamy Blue/Love Motion - Explosion 14.994-A

1971 Mamy Blue (spanisch)/Grief And Torture - Explosion 14.995-A

1971 1967 Oh Lord, Why Lord / Walk Along By The Riverside - Bellaphon Finger BF 1807

1972 Suzanne Suzanne/Happiness Ville - Explosion 10.551-A/ Bellaphon Finger BF 18077

1972 Suzanne, Suzanne (spanisch) / Walk Along The Riverside - Explosion CFE 10.627

1972 Happy Hippy Youppy Song/ Angeline - Explosion EXP E-34510

1972 Happy Hippy Youppy Song (spanisch)/ Maria - Explosion E-34513

1972 Love And Care/Young And Foolish - Explosion/Princess 645045

1972 Hideway / Walk Along By The Riverside - Explosion CFE 10.679-A /Carrere 49008

1972 Hideaway/What A Place To Live In - Bellaphon Finger BF 18105/ Explosion 10.679-A

1973 My Little Woman / Girl, Whats On Your Mind - Explosion E-34500 / Bellaphon Finger BF 18154

1973 What A Way To Go / Baby I Will Cry - Bellaphon Finger BF 18222/ Explosion E-34522

1973 Angeline / Happy Hippy Youppy Song RTB S53697 (Jugoslawien)

1973 Angeline / Happiness Ville RAR NP 77586 (Italien)

Rare polnische Flexidiscs

Road to freedom / Mamy blue (mono, 45 rpm, 17x15 cm, Made in Poland)

Mamy blue / Road to freedom (mono, 45 rpm, 17x15 cm, Made in Poland)

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